Allybug/Izzybee snuggle - by kittenchan

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what does this mean???

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Dallas Cowboys

jerry jones singing

Hilarious NFL commercial had Jerry Jones singing to Bill Parcels. that was hilarious.

even funnier is when he did the backflips at the end.


*as of tomorrow, we're all undefeated again.
Dallas Cowboys

friend list

I took everyone off my friend list except for my cats and faiths_mom who is an old college friend and redqueenofevil who i just added tonight

I don't have a lot of time anymore and don't get to read a lot on LJ. I do want to keep some friends, but I feel horrible if I have to cut anyone from my list, so I cut everyone.

If you want to be added back, just lmk. If not, that's cool too, I won't take offense.

Please don't be offended that I took you off, I took everyone off.
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Allybug/Izzybee snuggle - by kittenchan


I get 4-6 spam emails per day to my LJ account email address.

anyone else have this problem?

i even have the addy jumbled on my userinfo page

Allybug/Izzybee snuggle - by kittenchan


Went to sleep early on accident. Dozed off while watching something on TV. Woke up, hard to get back to sleep.

Buggie took over my bed. She is laying on two pillows. All spread out, taking up as much room as possible..
She's so precious. I love her to pieces!!!

She's so sophisticated and sweet. Izzy is totally a spaz. She's as goofy as goofy gets. What a great pair. They compliment each other so much.
Izzy still stalks Buggie. Sometimes I feel bad b/c Buggie can't even relax without Izzy either attacking her to play, licking her to death, or laying on top of her to sleep. *sigh*

That's all for now.
Back to sleep for me.
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boo for cold weather.

i have so much stuff to write about but LJ has eaten TWO posts already. i know i should have copied it after the first time.

i just give up tonight. i'll post it later


buggie is so warm.

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